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Does every special trip you take get at least one quality Instagram pic? If your travels are well-documented on Instagram, then there's a very real chance that you might already have a photo saved on the app of the most Instagrammed place in the world. So what tops the list? According to Instagram, it's one of your favorite childhood destinations - and possibly one of your favorite adult destinations, too.

According to Seventeen, the most Instagrammed place in the world isn't just one spot, it's several. The Disney theme parks ranked #1 on the list of most-Instagrammed spots, and it's not particularly surprising as to why. The Disney parks are the perfect place for a photo opportunity, so much so that they station professional Disney photographers around the park to snap you at specific sites on property. I know I'm guilty of taking more than a few shots of the park whenever I visit "the Happiest Place on Earth" in Anaheim.

explanation plz.

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I do think it's a tad odd that Disney's theme parks get their own category when they so clearly include such a massive zone - doesn't that technically give them an advantage over places like Times Square (#3) and the Eiffel Tower (#5)? The one item on the list that it seems to be fighting fairly against is the Universal Parks, which rank below Disney at #2. (Yep, even Harry Potter can't beat the Disney princesses!)
Keep on taking Insta pics, Disneyphiles: you're winning every time you do.
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