Lena Dunham's New Online Store Is Selling Nudie Pics For Your Nails

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We're all about fashion trends that seek to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own bodies, so when we heard that dynamic feminist duo Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner launched the Lenny shop- an e-commerce clothing, accessories and assorted doodads site- we knew were in for something good. The release of their online store, which happened Monday December 1, follows the premiere of the two's newsletter, the Lenny Letter. Through the Lenny Letter, Lena and Jenni deliver their followers news on politics, health, and fashion all through a feminist lens. Yeah, we're totes on that e-mail list.

Right now the Lenny Shop has a pretty minimal selection but it still makes a huge statement. Featuring some truly fascinating and occasionally NSFW products like "Dismantle the Patriarchy" patches, naked lady incense holders, Lenny tees and the "Nudes" nail wraps, Lena and Jenni have created products with a message.

As to what their goal was for the Lenny Store, Lena and Jenni wrote that they hoped the store would be "one that would rep grassroots feminist businesses and also wouldn't force you to spend your entire rent on an ankle boot with a weird zipper."

Yes ladies, there's nothing we hate more than when our expensive booties have a weird zipper. And for your understanding of this, we're eternally grateful.

Us being the beauty addicts we are, we were immediately intrigued by the Nudes nail wraps. The brain child of a collab with Chrissy Mahlmeister founder of Rad Nails and lifestyle editor at Buzzfeed, the quite literally nude nail stickers ($12, Lenny Store) feature pictures of butts, breasts and vulvas. But if you think that you'll be walking around all day with a blatant vagina gracing your finger tips, you're sadly mistaken. The lady bits are expertly disguised to look like abstract shapes and colors making up a fancy nail design.
"Nudes" Nail Wraps - All Products

But we know better.

Even if you don't want to wear mini body parts on your finger tips or burn your incense atop a lady's bosom, you gotta give some major props to Lena and Jenni. Any self-starting woman who seeks to create a brand showing that the female body is beautiful is one we can get behind!


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