5 Style Inspos We Learned From Adele

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Adele: Just the sound of her name and Queen instantly comes to mind. Not only does she have a voice that can open up the heavens and unite even the most bitter of enemies, her style game is always on point. We'll admit it: Sometimes we lay awake at night wondering what it would be like to be a member of Adele's squad, listening to her share her deepest beauty and fashion secrets as we laugh and sip on glasses of pinot noir. But alas, since we're not Adele's besties (yet) we're going to have to take her style cues from our persistent stalking efforts.

And this is what we've learned so far.

1. Shimmer Like the Star You Are

BBC1 at 8:30pm

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Adele has always been a retro diva not afraid to add some glitz to her looks. With '60s inspired styles, Adele always comes dressed to the nines in a stunning dress, a pair of killer pumps, and some bold bling. To kick her throwback fashions up a notch, Adele will always add some glitter to her look. The brighter she shines on stage, the more her voice soars and we're reminded of just how much of a goddess she is.


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Our take away from Adele's frosty fashions? Don't be afraid to go above and beyond with your look. Kick your clothes into gear with some added shine to stand out among the crowd. And always be sure to class it up in the most timeless of ways, no matter what the occasion.

2. Wing Your Liner to the Heavens


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Adele's beauty game is pro status and we are absolutely dying to know how she does it. Keeping with her vintage appeal, Adele goes for a beauty look reminiscent of Hollywood's biggest starlets from the '50s and '60s. While her pout is always perfectly plump and her contour is out of this world, we can't help but fall in love every time with her winged eyeliner. It's always so crisp and perfect, adding drama without being overwhelming. While Adele almost always wings her liner, she keeps the rest of her shadow on the nude side, adding shimmer occasionally but never taking away from her look. And we're taking notes.

3. Keep Your Claws as Fierce as Your Face

Cannes/NRJ Music Awards

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Adele knows better than anyone to never underestimate the power of a good Manicure. Opting for darker polishes with a touch of glitz (classic A), Adele's nails are flawless and ready to caress her face as she belts the high notes or reach out to memories gone by. Keeping her nails at perfect points though shows this soulful songstress has a little bite to her. But just like the diva she is, Adele keeps her nails forever fierce.

4. What "I woke up like this," Really Means

I woke up like this!

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Sorry Bey, but when Adele wakes up like this it's a touch more relatable. Adele may be Queen but the reason we've dubbed her so is because she isn't afraid to be perfectly imperfect. Her accent is a little gruff and she's not afraid to make some more risque jokes but we love her "No f**ks given," persona because it only adds to her beauty. Showing us what she looks like before she's fully ready reminds us that Adele is a human (contrary to our beliefs) and she can scare small children with her face masks like the best of us.

And yes, we've also noted that using masks, no matter how scary, is also super important!

5. Who You are Is Enough

RS x @rollingstone

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Adele made a bold statement when she appeared on the cover of The Rolling Stone with minimal makeup and a bathrobe. Yes, she is slightly uncovered but Adele is not the type to show us skin to keep us interested. Instead, she opens up fully through her music and exposes who she is internally. Adele's always been a huge proponent of allowing your talent and your personality to speak for itself. Opting for classic and conservative gowns that accentuate her shape without being too revealing, Adele doesn't feel like her body is part of what makes her a marketable star. She's always been proud of her shape and her features and she keeps with a style that makes her happy. That's something we can all learn from!

Keep doing you, Adele.


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