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14 Tools That Make College Studying Less Stressful

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Your years in college will offer some of the most memorable experiences of your life. You will discover a whole new level of fun, and you'll learn valuable life lessons that will push you forward. However, there is a side of college education that movies forget to depict: stress. You have to worry about money, papers, grades, exams and tons of other stuff brings one concern after another.

The Internet always comes to the rescue, so rely on the following 14 online tools to make your college studies less stressful:

1. SlugBooks
Textbooks consume a huge portion of your budget. Use SlugBooks to find an inexpensive option for any textbook you're supposed to buy. You can rent or buy the materials you want, but you can also make money by selling the ones you will no longer need.

2. Schooltraq
The tool enables you to keep track on tests, assignments and events. When you get all these details into a single chart, you'll be able to plan your studying time much more effectively. You will never lose your agenda since the plan will be synced between your phone and computer.

College comes with a lot of partying, so it's easy to forget all about the main purpose that got you there: gaining a degree. If you're in a low moment and you need inspiration, Unstuck is the tool you should use. It will ask questions about your situation and will analyze your current state of mind. Then, it will offer prompts that will help you overcome the blockage.

4. Essay Mama
Sometimes it's impossible to complete a great academic project by the deadline. In such cases, Essay Mama can connect you with expert writers who will help you develop great content. You can hire writers and editors to assist you at any stage of the project. Read the blog to find some inspiration for writing!

5. Memorize
Your textbooks include unknown definitions and terms that are hard to remember. Thanks to Memorize, you can collaborate with other students to create the best studying sets. You can post diagrams, images and articles that will help you remember parts of the studying material.

6. RescueTime
The Internet is full of distractions, so you need to impose some restrictions. RescueTime will track your time spent on websites and applications, so you'll get an accurate report on how you spend your time on the computer. Then, you'll be able to block distracting websites and develop a more productive schedule.

7. HelpPlagTracker
You have to stay away from plagiarism regardless of the project you're working on. The team at this website can help you develop unique content. You can also get your papers polished out by professional editors. They will correct your mistake, rewrite plagiarized parts and improve your style without affecting your unique voice.

8. Quizlet
With Quizlet, you can create quizzes, games and flashcards that will help you prepare for the exams. Your studying habits will be much more productive if you involve self-evaluation. You can use Quizlet individually, but you can also collaborate with your study group through the platform.

9. StudyBlue
Flashcards and study guides can help you remember the most important aspects of the studying material. You can discover the flashcards you need in the free library at the website, but you can also use StudyBlue to create your own materials.

10. Plotly
Plotly will help you add a new dimension to your presentations. It enables you to create beautiful charts and dashboards that will instantly capture the attention of your audience. The system is very sophisticated to support complex data visualization, but it's also user-friendly, so you won't have any troubles working with the right features.

11. GoConqr
Are you a visual learner? Then you absolutely need this online tool, which enables you to create compelling learning resources like mind maps, visually-intriguing notes, slides, flashcards and quizzes. The crowd-sources library is a great base of studying materials.

12. CrashCourse
When textbooks are not enough and you want to gain more knowledge on a particular topic, you can get it on this YouTube channel. The online courses cover the fields of ecology, literature, world history, U.S. history, psychology, chemistry, economics, astronomy and more.

13. Clusterfunk
You like study groups, but you can't keep everyone focused on studying? This online platform connects you to people who are studying similar materials and have the same goal: to collaborate with other students and achieve better results.

14. Khan Academy
Do you really want to become a better student? Learn more! Khan Academy is a source of unlimited knowledge. You can explore any topic for free, so this is a great website to use when you don't know which college courses to choose.

College education doesn't come without a certain level of stress, but you the above-listed tools will help you get through the most challenging situations with ease!
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