We Tested Out the Hoo-ha Wearable...Here's What Happened

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Wearable tech for your lady bits? Yeah, we've tried it. NBD.

A couple of months ago, we told you about Elvie, a little wearable technological device that works out your hoo-ha. You just pop it in to practice Kegel exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor, guided by an app on your phone. The website touts it as "your most personal trainer."
NOYOUREOUTOFORDER.TUMBLR.COM / GIPHYAnyway, we finally got our hands on one of the infamous Elvies to take it for test drive. And we cannot wait to tell you allllllll about it.

After a quick charging session, Elvie was ready to go. Once it's properly inserted with the tail in front, you let the app know that you're ready to get started. There are four levels: Training, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, and obviously, not being a pro Kegel athlete, we started with a Training session. The app takes you through a couple test runs, and if you do it wrong - essentially, if you push down instead of squeezing up - it'll let you know.
ElvieIn our previous coverage, we told you the exercises are not unlike video games, and we stand by our word. I mean, they aren't like Mario Kart status, but they're simple and fun. In the Training round, the Elvie first tests your overall strength, and then introduces you to two games. The first is a pulsing game, in which you have to perfectly time your squeezes to hit the targets. This game is pretty hard, IMO. Or maybe we just have sorry excuses for Kegels.
ElvieThe second game requires you to hold the ball above a horizontal line for three seconds on Elvie's cue. We rocked this round, so maybe our Kegels are more suited for endurance?

Obviously, the Elvie could easily be super weird, but after testing it out, we found that we really liked it. The games are straightforward and kind of addicting, and we know it's something good that we're doing for our bodies.

Because a strong pelvic floor can give you better bladder control, better core stability and help you have better sex, there's no such thing as working on your Kegels too early.

Where's the signups for the vag-jay-jay Olympics? We're ready.


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