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Khloe Kardashian Is Your Blunt AF Best Friend

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Khloe Kardashian has always been our ride-or-die chick. She's always been the Kardashian that I've wanted to be friends with as well, but her book Strong Looks Better Naked simply verifies what we've needed to hear from our girlfriends but seldom do.

What you'll love reading about is everything that Khloe has been going through in the media and on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is explored from another perspective. She writes about how her marriage to Lamar Odom started to diminish as early as his NBA career-changing move to the Dallas Mavericks. Don't make the mistake that this is a bashing session about Lamar. That's not Khloe's style, and it never will be. Strong Looks Better Naked is all about her journey to being a better person through mind, booty body and spirit.

Khloe was inconsolable over the death of her father Robert Kardashian, but what helped her make it through is that her father never worried about her. She quotes him as saying, "Kim and Kourtney have always had it a little easier than you, but that's why you'll be okay and I saw a little bit of my own insecurities growing up. I didn't have the confidence that I have now. I was rooted in other people's worth versus seeing and exploring my own." Khloe adds, "Each of us is responsible for finding our own way," and I couldn't agree more. When it's time to pay your bills or even just generally get it together, only you can do that.
It's no secret that the world just doesn't think that the Kardashians work very hard. "Talentless with no real careers" is basically all that comes up when asked about the wealth the Kardashians have attained in almost a decade of relevance, but in dipping into her past, all the trash talk can be put to bed because work changed her life. After the death of Robert Kardashian, the beginning of the DASH brand helped put some purpose back into her life.

The book never reads like To Kill A Mockingbird, but you wouldn't want it to. Part of the charm and necessary tone of Strong Looks Better Naked is that Khloe acts as our best girlfriend telling us like it is. She is filled with empathy for some of her friends who need to stop playing games and being doormats, but she also shows us she knows all about growing up and growing older with integrity, honesty and never without having no idea what you're doing at some point.

The next time you're having a bad day or you think, if I just had more money, or if only I was born a Kardashian, please do Khloe and and the rest of the world a favor and just "Stop feeling sorry for yourself" because "You deserve an amazing life. That life is a lot closer than you think."

Bible, I give this one a 5/5.
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