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7 Reasons Your Phone Is Like Your Child

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We are so attached to our phones. They are so precious; they hold our favorite music, our best friends' numbers, our inner-most thoughts in our messages and thousands of memories in our photos. Since they have so much importance and value, we take care of them and treat them as if they are our children. Here are some examples of how we treat our phones like they're our own kids!
Mother kissing smiling boy toddler on the cheek1. You Don't Let It Leave Your Sight
Young woman checking social media on the toiletYou take your phone everywhere (literally everywhere, even to the bathroom) because you don't want anything to happen to it. It can get stolen, or eve​n worse, you can miss a text and not be able to answer it within five minutes. How tragic would that be?! You have to take your child with you everywhere.

2. You Are Overprotective of It
You don't let anyone take it, and if they do, you get extremely mad. It is your phone and your baby.

3. You Clothe It
You obviously have to make sure your phone looks cute and dress it with that designer Michael Kors case.

4. You Can't Drop It
If you drop your phone, you're doomed. It will crack and suffer both physical and psychological trauma for the rest of its life.

5. It Keeps You Up at Night
Woman in bed reading smartphoneYour phone is by your bedside, and it rings and beeps, waking you up in your sleep. You got so much more sleep before having a phone. You lay in bed for hours before falling asleep to tend to your baby.

6. You Have to Feed It
charging battery on mobile...You have to charge it throughout the day to make sure it stays fueled. You don't want your child to be drained of energy.

7. You Don't Remember Life Without It
Your phone has brought so much joy to your life but also so much anxiety. You can barely remember the simpler times before having it, and your life was never the same after getting your phone.
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