The App Competing With Snapchat, Facebook and Google For Your Photos

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So many social media apps exist to help you tell a photo story. But one of the most recent ones, called Storylize, is trying to take the best of existing platforms to create the perfect documentation tool.

Imagine an app that takes photos as quickly and candidly as Snapchat, but gives you the extensive sharing abilities of Google Photos and Facebook without your photos disappearing. Yeah, that's basically Storylize.

Founder Nayana Samaranayake dreamed up the idea after he came home with more than 2,000 photos from his backpacking trip through Europe. "All of our pictures were stuck on our phones and there was no easy way for use to create narratives about our adventures, from going inside a volcano in Iceland to paddling down the river in Prague," Nayana says. "None of us shared images and we lost all those great stories and didn't get to show them to our friends. I uploaded a handful of pics to Facebook, but there was no story, just pictures that looked like postcards. This made me want to tackle the problem of allowing people to narrate their lives with friends using pictures."

As a result, Storylize was born earlier this year, revolving around the concept of "picture microblogging," as Nayana coins it. With privacy controls and no usernames (we think we can all agree that Snapchat usernames are really annoying), Storylize allows you to connect with friends - or people you just met - using your phone number. You can then create personal albums that can only be seen by the people you choose. The best part is that all users can add photos and write captions, much like in Google Photos, except with Storylize, it can happen in real time. Another perk: All your shots are automatically backed up in the cloud.

"The main goal of Storylize is to help you create stories on the go," Nayana explains. "The simple user interface allows you to create stories with almost no extra effort, while you are living the story. Most other story creation platforms along with Facebook and Google work on creating the story after the event, at which point, you could have hundreds of pictures that you need to sort through and remember exact moments to narrate the story. This leads to a large amount of work being required in one go to create a memorable story. In contrast, since Storylize allows you to create the story on the go, you can type in a few words about the emotions you are feeling in the moment and not worry about having to sort through pictures after your adventure is done."

While this app might not replace the role of Snapchat or Facebook in our lives, we will def be testing out its detailed real-time stories for big events like prom or spring break. Because some moments need to be cherished forever.


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