This App Yells at You for Texting While Walking or Driving

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Are you one of those people that can't stand those who walk while texting without looking where they're going (this podcast called it, "wexting." #Brillz)? Or, what about those people that text and drive?

If so, the perfect app has just arrived: Focus. Focus is an app that tracks when you're walking and/or driving and using your phone. A man's voice (it's actually the voice of the guy who developed the app) will turn on and say, "Please put down your phone." The voice gets more and more angry if you ignore the request. Check out the video here:

Kevin Holesh, the developer who made the app, came up with the idea for Focus after he and his wife were on their honeymoon (where they traveled over 12,000 miles in a car!) and noticed how many people drove using their phones and didn't pay attention to the road. Using your phone while driving has always been a hot topic; even Ford Motor Company launched its own Instagram campaign urging drivers to put down their phones.

While the app gets aggressive to get you to put your phone down, it also rewards you for not using your phone during walking/driving situations. The app tells you "congrats" when you don't use your phone while mobile (#PUNS), but it will also call you out: "You were on your phone for 14 seconds during that drive; shame on you!"

If you have the app and are in the passenger seat of a car, all you have to do is shake the phone hard, telling the app that you aren't the one operating the moving vehicle. Like the Kevin's voice in the app, you have to hold yourself accountable, too - don't be that person that tells the app you aren't driving when you really are.

Download the app today and try it out - did it stop you from bumping into a rando on the street? Tweet me @lizprugh.


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