You Should Be Eating the Avocado Pit (Yes, Really)

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Fact: guacamole is bae. Who cares if it costs a dollar extra at Chipotle: most people I know would rather go broke than forego indulging in guac, which happens to be one of the best things about being a human being. But while you may be all about that avocado life (especially when it's topped on nachos) there is one part of this fruit you're ditching that, apparently, you shouldn't be. We should be eating the avocado seed and it's a mind-blowing fact that could change your avocado habits forever.

According to website One Green Planet (with a name like that, you just know they know their stuff) the avocado seed contains 70 percent of the nutrients in the fruit. The seeds (a.k.a. those huge pits in the middle of your fruit) contain soluble fiber, antioxidants, and healthy oil that's great for your skin. Basically, we've been throwing out the healthiest part of the fruit this entire time - oops.

Unfortunately, the seed is certainly not the tastiest part of the fruit, which is why we have to get a little creative when it comes to eating it.The easiest way is to cut the seed into quarters and toss it into a food processor. From there, you can toss the blended seed into pretty much anything, from smoothies to yogurts to juice. You could probably top it on ice cream, though I doubt it's as yummy as sprinkles.

You may still prefer guacamole to the avocado seed, but hey, now you can have an extra boost of healthy nutrients whenever you indulge in nachos.
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