Three Guaranteed Ways to Get #BrowsOnFleek Always

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If there is one phrase that will always be #goals, it's Brows on Fleek. Having our brows at the pinnacle status of style will forever be our greatest beauty aim. Some nights we even dream of strolling down the streets with natural yet fierce brows that can stop people in their tracks. And because our brows are the definition of fleek, we suddenly become internet famous and Cara Delevingne becomes our brow bestie.

Sigh, if only that were real life.

But in the waking world when we actually go to fix our brows, they always seem to have a mind of their own, going in whichever direction they please and growing in odd patches. Luckily, #browsonfleek is a technique you can master: You just need the right tools and the right guidance. No matter what your brows are lacking, there is a tutorial out there to help show you how to fill in missing patches, create a glamorous arch and mix your brow kit to match your natural brow color perfectly. Here are three of our favorites that can help even those most helpless have the Beyonce of Brows.

Spoiler alert: Your spoolie brush will soon become your new bae.

1. When There's Nothing There to Begin With

If your brows are practically M.I.A., filling them in is definitely a good idea. But when you don't have much of a starting shape to work with, it could be difficult to build brows that are symmetrical and normally proportioned. Fear not, brow-free friends! Beauty Blogger MayraTouchofGlam barely has any brows to begin with but still winds up with a to-die-for look after doing these few steps.

In her video, Mayra first takes her spoolie brush to comb her brows upwards and tweezes any excess, unwanted hairs. She then takes an angled brush that almost looks like it has chunks purposefully missing from it and dips it into a black and chocolate brown eye shadow shades. (Note: When you're doing this yourself, use shades that are closest to your natural hair color). Taking the brush, she begins to underline the bottom of her brows, going slightly underneath where her natural brow starts to make them look thicker. Rather than adding more eye shadow to the rest of her brow, she blends out the shadow already there so that the color isn't too dark. Using short strokes, she fills in the rest of her brows, using her spoolie brush to comb through the product and make it look more natural.

For the inner most part of her brows, Mayra uses a much lighter touch and applies less product. Turning the brush vertically, she creates the illusion of hairs by drawing them in with more short strokes.

Finish with some more spoolie brushing and you're done!

2. Something's There but it's Kind of Patchy

If you have a basic brow structure but it's sparse in some areas, Alexis Kaymor can show you how to make your brows look thick and sleek.

Brushing the brow hairs up with a spoolie brush (aka, brush bae), Alexis first trims hairs that are too long. Then, she takes the queen of all brow products Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow ($18, Sephora) with an angled brush and lines the base of her brow. After, she lines the top of her brow being careful to leave out the inner most part of her brows to keep the look more natural. Using short strokes in the direction her brow hairs grow, Alexis fills in the rest of her brow to add fullness. Taking more of the dip brow, Alexis uses her spoolie to add the product in to the inner part of her brow. She finishes off the look with concealer at the base and top of her brow to define them further.

3. When you got Brows for Days

Even if your brows are naturally thick you still may want to fill them in to give them a more defined shape and tames some of the unruly hairs. Beauty Blogger Anna Elizabeth has stunningly thick brows, but fills them in anyway to add a more defined arch.

Going in with a -you guessed it- spoolie brush, Anna brushes her brows out rather than upward to get them all in the same direction. Also using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow and an angled brush, she starts by lining the bottom of her brows avoiding the inner most part of her brows. After, she lines the top of her brows and fills in the middle only slightly. When she's done with that she moves to the inner corner only slightly filling those areas in, rubbing off excess product with her finger. Like Alexis, she finishes the look off with concealer and uses her spoolie brush once again to feather the product in.

It really is that easy.


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