These Two Facebook Updates Are Legit Game Changers

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As more apps make their way into the social media space, Facebook has needed to step up its game to stay competitive. Thanks to Facebook's two major updates, you might stay locked into your News Feed even longer now.

The first of the latest updates is live video sharing, which rolled out to a select few U.S. Facebook users yesterday. Essentially, this feature is just like the live streaming services offered by Periscope and Meerkat, showing you how many people are watching your video, who is tuning in and allowing them to comment in real time. Previously, live video was only available to people with a verified Page on Facebook via the Mentions app (which us normal folk don't have access to).

To do it, you just click Update Status and choose the Live Video icon (circled in the photo below). After you end your broadcast, the video will save to your Timeline just like any other video.
The next update is probably not making the team at Instagram too happy. Called collage, it allows you to group together photos and videos into a moving Pic Stitch-like compilation, and it's available on iOS now (Android will roll out early next year). When you click Update Status and tap the Photo icon, your most recent photos collated by place and time will pop up in the collage format. You can then drag the pictures to edit the collage as you please, and slap a title on it when you're done.
FacebookNow excuse us, we have a very important cat photo compilation to upload.
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