Google is Slaying it With 'Star Wars' Themed Tech Features

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Star Wars is everywhere right now for the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Google is loving it. The company is known for customizing its website for holidays and big events, but Google has gone above and beyond in anticipation for the new Star Wars film.

Check out some of the cool features you can participate in:

Customize your Chrome browser

Head to this website to pick a "light or dark" side by logging into your Gmail account. Once you pick a side, your entire Google experience becomes Star Wars-themed: Every time you open a new browser, email, etc. Of course, I picked the Light Side because of the fierce Rey (the film's star.) And yes, my profile picture is a meme of Benedict Cumberbatch saying, "Don't, just don't," posing as my Dark-Side conscious that my Jedi-self fights every day. #NerdAlert

(PS: Star Trek fans will really appreciate the hilarity of Mr. Cumberbatch as my choice.)

Type, "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" in Google Search.

I'll let this one be a surprise, because it's way more fun that way. Do it now!

Google Maps

This one snuck up on me. I was plugging an address into my Google maps, and this popped up:

Yes, that is an X-wing Starfighter. #Badass

A Start Wars movie theatre

This one wasn't create by Google, but it's worth noting. A theatre in Omaha, Nebraska made by the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has gone above, beyond, and then some for the new theatre. Check out a shot of the theatre below and check out more photos here.

What geeky Star Wars promotions do you love? Tweet me @lizprugh!


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