Here's How Your Yoga Pants Could Be Harming You (And Your Vag)

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Practicing yoga yields a range of benefits, including stress relief, but hearing about the potential health problems caused by wearing yoga pants might prompt you to sit cross-legged and take in a few deep breaths.

While it's certainly convenient to hit the studio for an intense yoga sesh then run a few errands in that same workout gear, an in-depth report on highlights reasons why filling your closet with the latest athleisure fashions could actually be detrimental to your lady parts.

Basically, clothing that holds moisture close to the skin is great to work out in, but that's as far as you should go in sweat-soaked clothing, the site suggests. A dermatologist who spoke with cited skin issues, fungus and vaginitis as three potential health problems that stem from spending too much time in your athleisure wear. It's basically the same advice we've heard about lingering in wet swimsuits too long — don't.

But before you toss out all your yoga pants and cancel plans to purchase items from Beyonce's upcoming althleisure line with Topshop, there are some simple solutions for avoiding these issues. Since moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, definitely resist the urge to hang with the squad in wet or even damp yoga pants. Instead, change out of your soggy gear immediately after class.

The site also advises wearing "moisture-wicking clothes" during workouts and even suggests going commando as a way to give your skin a chance to breathe.

While you'll certainly please the fashion gods by making a flawless transition from the yoga mat to the streets, ditching the sweaty gear will earn you endless thanks from the critic that matters most — your vag.

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