'Make It Pop' Stars Spill On Their 'Aw'-Inspiring Holiday Special

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Can you imagine going to a school that's a mix of Glee AND Zoey 101? #Goals, right?

"We even said we wish we went to this type of school," the cast of Nickelodeon's Make It Pop told us. Make It Pop is about four freshmen who come together and form a band. "These four kids are really passionate about their own particular things: music and fashion," Megan Lee said. "It's a K-pop inspired show, but the music is all EDM, pop and a little bit of rock and dance music." We got to visit the cast in Toronto recently and saw how exactly they make things snap, crackle and pop.

Megan plays Sun Hi Song, a "super sassy, very overachieving passionate diva. She's very self absorbed cause she likes to takes pictures and videos for her fans - Sun Hi Nation," Megan laughed. Their biggest similarity is something we admire: "She never gives up on her dreams. She's always so bubbly and passionate about music and performing."

Erika Tham and Louriza Tronco share similarities with their characters as well. "Jodie is very dry and sarcastic," Louriza said about her on-screen alter-ego. "I'm pretty sassy and have no filters as a human being and she's inspired me to up my game fashion wise. She's a street dancer and I grew up doing hip hop and jazz." Even though Erika's character Corkie (how cute is that name?) is naive and timid, she can still find ways to relate. "She dresses very classically and has a youthful sense of style. I think my style is quite classic as well. And we both love school!"

Dale Whibley is quite the heartthrob, perhaps without even realizing. "Caleb is crazy quirky. He likes to blow up stuff. He makes the music for the band so his passion is getting these girls to where they deserve to be." He's supportive and a hard worker? What a catch.
MIP2_EP200_D14_SS_501.JPGSeason 2 of Make It Pop returns on January 3rd, but there is a holiday special airing on December 5. "It picks up where we ended in season 1 and how we're dealing with that," Erika said. "There are a lot of heartfelt moments between the characters. There are three new songs, some are covers and some are remixes of holiday songs. It's one of those 'aw' episodes," Megan revealed.

With Christmas just around the corner, we had to ask what's the best gift theythe cast members have received. "When I was little, I hated getting socks, but now I love it!" Louriza shared. Erika's fave gift as a kid was something we loved too: "Those 'real life' robot dogs. You can talk to them and everything." Dale's favorite gift memory was probably the cutest: "I got tools from my Nana when I was 12."

Don't forget to tune in to the Make It Pop holiday special on December 5!


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