WTF...This Haircut Comes Complete With Fire and Samurai Swords

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This guy clearly thinks he is super hot fire.

Alberto Olmedo, a hairstylist in Madrid, is taking an aggressive approach to the art of haircutting, one that involves a rather large blowtorch and a pair of Samurai swords. Um, what in the actual f**k?!

According to Fashionista, this AJ+ video went viral on Facebook earlier this week, and at the time of publication, it has reached more than 125 million views.

Alberto insists that his swords allow him to achieve a perfectly symmetrical cut on each side of the head, a fact you can't deny for a blade so big it could easily decapitate someone. And the fire is supposed to make hair grow faster, stay strong and prevent split ends, according to the video by Zoomin.TV below. We just think it probably smells like a crematorium.

"It's a bit medieval," he says in the video. Not even Dany Targaryen would argue with that.

He's also got these crazy little texturizing claws which he combs through women's hair so lightning fast that we wouldn't be surprised if they were missing a few facial features when he's through.
Here's another video of Alberto doing his incredibly death-defying thing.

Moral of the story: We will never cry about our hairdressers taking off that extra inch again - it's still so much better than leaving the salon with one less ear.


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