Siri's Defintion of the Word 'Bitch' is Seriously Effed Up

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We're not exactly sure why anyone would request Siri's assistance in defining the word "bitch," but stranger things have happened, particularly when the Apple iPhone feature responds to the question.

Apparently, one of the definitions used to describe the term sums it up as "(black slang) a woman," Huffington Post reports. Clearly, the problem lies with the fact that the using the word in a derogatory manner towards women isn't a practice that's exclusive to one particular race. Making the feature's choice of definition even more baffling is the fact that Siri's catalogue is based on the Oxford American Dictionary, which doesn't make mention of the term "black slang."

Yeah, we're thoroughly confused and offended, too.

HuffPo cites a technical explanation for the way Siri works, which was provided by software expert Elliot Turner. The site also reports that Oxford University Press has yet to comment on the issue. But we honestly need more than some garbled tech response to explain how Apple allowed something so blatantly racist to slip through its cracks.
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