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Johnnie Guilbert, the Boy on FIre

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Just so you know that is the video, there is swearing in it, so if you don't like ''emo kids'' swearing, you don't have to watch the video! No shame will be put on you. I promise.
Escapers, our amazing bae, Johnnie was put into a situation (by his own doing) where he caught himself on fire. Everyone else, this is what happened: Johnnie was wearing a shirt, wanted to find out what it meant, looked it up and discovered that it was animated pornography. He then decided to destroy the shirt in the way a sensible ''emo, not normal to the rest of society'' person would do it - burning it with fire. The shirt ended up that catching on fire more that he originally thought, and he burnt himself! Johnnie Guilbert, for those people that dont know who the heck im talking about

Now people, I love Johnnie a lot, he's one of my idols, but this honestly sort of scared me! Yes, burning a shirt that is apparently animated porn is a very smart idea, but the way he did it was pretty stupid. Sorry Johnnie! But hey, at least the guy who helps not make my life a living hell everyday wasn't burnt more/injured insanely!

As Johnnie says, "Stay happy, not crabby," and to any escapers/members of mde who read this, please talk to me. I want Internet friends who I can talk about Jolex and Kohnnie with. Find me here:

Twitter @oonahodge
Instagram @truthhdare
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