This Teen Complimented People on Their Beauty and Here's How They Responded

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How would you react if someone called you beautiful?

Depending on who delivered the commentary, you might be quick to throw on your most steely blank stare (if it came from a lurking stalker type), or maybe break out into some "I woke up like dis" choreography, complete with hair flips and twerking if it came from a stranger who didn't appear to have a motive.

If there's any more tangible evidence that a simple compliment can elicit such varied reactions, then the proof's in this video of people reacting to being called beautiful. Filmed by 18-year-old student Shea Glover as a part of a school project, several of the teens and teachers can be seen responding to her compliment, and honestly, you'll be shocked at how some of them took the news that they were chosen because she found them to be beautiful.

As Seventeen points out, the experiment certainly reveals how many people are hesitant to embrace that particular compliment (there was one amazing hair flip, though), but that could be attributed to a number of things.

If anything, Shea's project is a touching example of how unexpected kind words and deeds can positively impact a person's life. Not only did she accomplish her goal of capturing images of what she finds beautiful, but she managed to reveal her own beauty in the process.
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