These School Lunches Are So Gross Students Are Protesting Them

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You know how they say that "there's no such thing as a free lunch?" Two years ago, public schools in Chicago made school lunches free for everyone - so why are students protesting their cafeteria food? According to some students in the public school system, it's because the food is completely disgusting - and now they're demanding change.

According to WBEZ, students believe that the quality of their lunches has decreased dramatically since the free lunch program started, which was at the same time that the school hired a new catering company. And when I say "decreased in quality," I really mean things like brown lettuce, plastic left inside of sandwiches (WTF?!?) and fruit that is still frozen or mealy. Umm... that definitely does not sound like the kind of food I want to get me through the next five hours of school.

Here's some proof of what the students are talking about. These pictures, taken from lunches at Roosevelt High School in the Chicago public school system, are absolutely unappetizing... unless you love blue plastic in your burger, of course.Students are now taking a stand via the website The School Lunch Project, which was started by Roosevelt High School junior Shirley Hernandez and provides evidence of the ick, like the photos above. The website, which was started in an honors civics class, also explains why a healthy, nutritious, and non-disgusting lunch is so important for students.

In addition to the website, students at Roosevelt High School are planning on boycotting lunch, a plan that they hope will expand to other schools in the Chicago public school district. There's also an online petition, which will be delivered to the head of the Board of Education. If school lunches don't get better, the petition demands that the school allows them to go off campus for lunch.

It's awesome that the students are taking a stand against this gross. Students spend a ton of time at school, and rely on lunch to get them through the day: it's vital to their health and well-being that they receive nutritious lunches. Keep fighting the good fight, Chicago students!
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