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10 Things They Never Tell You About Therapy

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The truth is that when you live with depression, attending therapy is inevitable. Trying to live with clinical depression and not attending therapy is counter productive to your health. Nevertheless, while I am all about going to therapy, whether or not you are living with mental illness, there are plenty of things that people never tell you about it. Here are some of the things I have learned through my years of attending therapy.

1. The first session is awkward! There is no escaping that it will be awkward considering that you are sharing all of your hopes and fears with a complete stranger.
2. It can be exhausting! The process of sharing your emotions with another person is both mentally and emotionally draining. However, that brings me to my next point.

3. Talking to a third party, who is unbiased, is by far one of the best feelings on the planet. Talk about feeling weightless.
4. Prepare to pay copays. Unfortunately, many insurance plans charge high copay fees to see specialists like a therapist or psychiatrist.

5. The phrase: "I have an appointment with my therapist" will said more often than not. Your therapist becomes your best friend as well as a new member of your frequent contacts list.

6. Prepare to hear the following words: "Why do you go to therapy? You seem perfectly fine!" The most moronic thing to say to another human being. People go to see therapists for a variety of reasons.
7. Do not expect to lie down on a luxurious couch and be ready to let all of your thoughts fly out. It does not work that way.
8. Expect to learn about yourself with each 50-minute session.
9. You will learn to speak the wonderful jargon and have it be part of your everyday vocabulary.
10. Therapists are there to guide you in your journey. In the end, they are not your enemy but more of a guiding hand as you navigate through life.
Hope this helps you see therapy in a new way. Remember, everyone needs help every once in a while.

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