5 Cute Ways to Change Your Hair Color Without Major Commitment

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We'll admit it: We love experimenting with our hair. Whether we're trying out a new cut we saw Demi Lovato working or we've decided to play with the color on a whim (post-breakup, of course) we're big fans of changing the way our 'doos look as often as our moods change. As fun as it is to get a new dye job or try the full-bangs look, there's always a chance we'll regret our decisions right after we've made them, forcing us to be stuck with half-hacked locks or a color that's more highlighter orange than bold and sassy red.

While there may not be much of a solution to fixing a haircut (other than pricey extensions, maybe), you can experiment with coloring your hair all you want, changing hues from day to day with minimal damage to your strands. We've come a long way with hair coloring techniques and lucky for us fickle fashion ladies who can't peg one look down, we have these options to choose from when deciding to make a dramatic color change. And if we hate it, we just wash it out the next day. Here are the best ways to color your hair temporarily, no bleach required.

1. Hair Chalking

I turned my sister into a mermaid today. @macy.mciver #hairchalking

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By now, you've probably heard of hair chalking as the best method to get the temporary pastel ombre you've always dreamed of. Exactly what it sounds like, this coloring technique involves taking either a chalk bar or pot and sliding it against your strands to transfer the color. If you want to make the effect last longer and be more vibrant, stylists advise wetting your hair before you put on the chalk. But if your hair is a light shade of blond, be aware that wetting your hair could make this look last longer than the few days it typically promises.

Hair chalk lasts anywhere between 1 to 2 days depending on your hair's original color and will wash out the next day in the shower. If you want it to last longer than a day, avoid washing out the color but be sure to wrap your hair up at night or else you'll wake up to a pillow covered in chalk.

2. Hair Shadow

I'm calling it Caribbean Frost๐Ÿฌโ„๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ #colorcurls #coloredcurls #queenofhairshadowing #naturallytash #hairshadow

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Like hair chalk, hair shadow is a temporary coloring method that involves putting pigmented powder on your hair by sliding that hair through a shadow pot. To make the look last longer, set it with a bit of hairspray to lock the color pigments in. Typically, hair shadow will last between a few hours to 1 day depending on the color of your hair. And of course, it washes out super easily in the shower!

There are a few products that are specifically designated as shadows for your hair, but Refinery 29 points out that if you want to use old shadows from your favorite palette too bold to put on your eyes, simply pop them out and apply them to your hair. The look even comes out well on super dark locks, as well!

3. Hair Mascara
If hair shadow is a thing, naturally hair mascara is a thing as well. Hair mascara is pretty similar to the last two techniques, minus application. To put it on, a small mascara wand typically the size of the one you'd use on your lashes is dipped into a color tube and combed through your hair. Unlike hair chalk and shadow, hair mascara works well if you're looking for a highlighting effect from root to tip, but you can still do a color ombre as well.

Hair mascara can last up to two days but also comes out pretty easily with shampoo. The formula also makes it less likely to get all over your clothes throughout the day, which can sometimes happen with shadow and chalk.

4. Clip-Ins

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If you're not looking to dye your whole head and just want some pops of color here and there, you should consider clip-in extensions. You can find them for just about any price point in whatever color you want. The extensions also tend to be the same, vivid color you'd get if you bleached and dyed your hair.

To put them in, simply clip the hair to whatever part of your head you want to add color to. We recommend doing it on the bottom layer of your hair for an ombre effect and so the clips will remain hidden. Clip-in hair extensions can also be styled in whatever way you want whether you decide to curl or straighten. The best part is it's not messy at all and can be taken out at any moment.

5. Semi-Permanent Dye

Beautiful color, gorgeous styling! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ“ท & color by: @lalalucy4 / @viciousteen #ColorAsylumNYC #ManicPanic

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If you're looking for something that will last beyond your first shampoo, semi-permanent dye is a good option but one that's still temporary. According to Good Housekeeping, semi-permanent dye formulas don't contain ammonia so they stay on the outside of the hair cuticle, making it easier to wash out. Applying this form of dye is a lot easier and less time-consuming if you're trying to completely color your whole head too. However, it will fade with each wash and should disappear between 4 to 12 shampoos depending on the natural color of your hair.


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