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10 Struggles of Being the Older Sibling

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Being the older sibling means that you're the trial run. Your parents knew nothing about parenting when you were born, so it was a free-for-all. They had it all figured out for your younger sibling, though, and that's all that matters, right?

1. Your Sibling Is More Popular Than You Ever Were
Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week S/S 2016 Collection - Day 5Your younger sibling knows all of your friends and was always exposed to older kids, making her more exposed socially. Your sibling is more aware of social norms than you. You thought it was fashionable to wear gaucho pants from Limited Too, but your sibling knows that that's a big no-no. She is already wearing jeans from Guess and Chanel sunglasses.

2. Teachers Thought You Were Irrelevant
Smacking timeTeacher: Did you have an older sibling?

Me: No

Teacher: Ohhhhh

3. Your Parents Were More Strict With You
*you're not allowed to date until college*

*younger sibling is allowed to date in fourth grade*

4. There Was No One to Help You With Your Homework

Your parents forgot everything they learned in school, so they were no help. Your younger sibling has you to help her with their homework all of the time, but you didn't have that luxury. You've had to rough it out and figure out years of math and English all on your own.

5. Your Parents Knew Nothing About the College Process
*two weeks before college applications are due*

Parents: We were supposed to go look at colleges?

6. You Have to Drive Your Sibling Around Everywhere
my chauffeurYou didn't get a personal chauffeur before you had your license, why should your younger sibling?

7. Your Sibling Is Always the "Innocent" One
Your younger sibling can call you a name or even punch you in the face, but your parents would never believe that she would commit such a crime. But if your sibling accuses you of something, you're automatically guilty.

8. Your Parents Gave You All of Your Advice
You didn't have an older sibling to talk to, so you went to your mom for advice, and she told you to "go up to that boy and tell him you like him." Well, we all know that how that went. Younger siblings have the privilege of getting advice from us older siblings.

9. Your Sibling Got Things Way Earlier Than You Did
Your little sister got an iPhone in fifth grade. In fifth grade, you had a Barbie phone.

10. Despite all the Struggles, You Will Always Love Your Younger Sibling and Be Overprotective of Him/Her
two little sisters to roller...
"It's okay when I make fun of my sister, but no one else can!!!"
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