Who's #Hangry? The 13 Most Popular Food Items on Insta

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If you're on Instagram, chances are very strong that you follow a dozen couple foodie accounts. From mouthwatering burgers to that cheesy, saucy slice of greatness known as pizza, here are the most popular dishes that get taste buds buzzing on social media.

According to the Italian website La Repubblica, pizza reigns supreme as the "world's most photographed food." The popular, hearty dish is def a universally loved item! More pls!

Apparently, sushi is very popular with New Yorkers. There's nothing else that gets all five senses tingling quite like the savory goodness of sushi.

A mouthwatering slice of this perfect piece of meat is just what we need to see on our feeds to make us crazy hungry.

Five Guys or In-N-Out. McDonald's or Burger King. With cheese or without. This juicy, iconic sandwich is always popping up in our feeds as we struggle to fit the relish giants into our mouths. And with dozens of options to add to your patty (onion rings or a sunny side egg, anyone?), it wouldn't be Insta unless we "like" a burger or two. Or six.

That crisp sizzling slice of perfection is one of the most popular food pieces heating up our feeds. Eat it with breakfast. Eat it on a burger. It doesn't matter how you eat it, bacon is life.

Taco Bell, Del Taco, traditional restaurants or homemade. Wherever you get your tacos, this meat-cheese-lettuce-tomato package wrapped in those tasty shells is always a go-to food when hunger strikes.

Do you want it glazed? Topped with sprinkles? Filled with creme? The morning or afternoon or even evening we don't judge staple is destined to pop up in your feed sooner or later.

Ramen is the food you're most likely to see in a college dorm, so ofc our generation is gonna upload pics of it online.

Not only does this hearty Indian dish taste amaze, it's international, being super popular in Tokyo.

Enjoy it at a ball game or on a New York street corner, it's up to you if you want to hold the relish and add chili.

Is it that scrumptious shell or that creamy filling that gets our tongue buzzing? We just know that these guys are to die for!


Whether you drizzle them in chocolate, munch on them at a Disney theme park, or eat the Oreo version of it (srsly!) you really can't go wrong with churros. Like, ever.

We see you craving that Chipotle. Burritos seem to be popping up even more nowadays, especially with the rise of food trucks, especially in Southern California. Shout out to the LA foodies!

Ah...So much delicious goodness on our feeds, so little time. What a time to be alive.

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