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25 Ways 'OITNB' Accurately Describes Life of a College Kid

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1. When your professor gives you an assignment extension
2. When you and your group ace your presentation
3. When a kid falls asleep in statistics
4. The face you make when you hear the person next to you chewing in class
5. When your professor lets you out of class 10 minutes early
6. When you see the kid from history you've been crushing on
7. When you forget you have a test and find out five minutes before class starts
8. When the professor asks you a question you aren't ready to answer
9. When you have a 10-page paper due in an hour and you haven't even started it
10. When your roommate leaves their dirty laundry all over the floor
11. How you feel during finals week
12. When you realize you have eight assignments due and four days to do them
13. When your friends ask you if you've studied for finals yet
14. When you try to study in the library, but your friends keep talking to you
15. Leaving class after your last final
16. When you finally have time to eat
17. Getting the tuition bill in the mail
18. When someone steals your parking spot even though you had your blinker on
19. When someone asks you to join a club
20. Getting an A on an assignment you thought you failed
21. When you forget what to say during a presentation
22. When students who register before you fill up the classes you wanted
23. Meeting your college best friend
24. When someone asks to use one of your meal swipes
25. Senior year
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