Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Go to These Colleges

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Have visions of running your own #BUILTBYGIRLS company?

Between 2009 and 2014, 14,341 companies received funding, and out of those companies, 15.5 percent, or 2,226, had at least one female founder. In 2009, about 9.5 percent of companies had at least one female founder, but that number jumped to 18 percent in 2014, Fast Company points out.

CrunchBase recently released data that analyzed where 3,6161 female entrepreneurs had gone to college. Here's what they found: Stanford University produced the most female founders, at 236. Harvard University was close behind, with 235 alumni female founders.

The runners up were M.I.T. at 127, University of California, Berkeley at 105, Columbia University at 105 and University of Pennsylvania at 103.

You might be thinking that those are some pretty hard schools to get accepted to, and you might be right. But if you have the drive to start your own company, then you definitely have the drive to work hard to get into one of these tough schools!

Of course, we're all about making history - and we think a woman who goes to community college has just as much of a chance at business success as elite university alumni.


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