It's Possible: 3 Parties, 3 Hairstyles, Shampoo Your Hair Only Once

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Sure, the holidays are a whirlwind of fun, but they can also be the cause of many style emergencies: untagging photos because you wore the same cranberry velvet dress to a party last weekend, running to the drugstore to buy black tights because you found a run down the side of your last clean pair. #TheStruggle

Luckily, we found a way to get great hair with little effort. We visited Fox & Jane's Lead Stylist Kelsey Smart, who runs the salon's Artistic Hair Team, last week, and she schooled us on this easy three-day hair tutorial that only requires you to wash your hair - wait for it - once. Here's our writer waiting to get prettified.
You'll start with gorgeous, natural loose waves on Thursday, and Saturday, end up with a braided updo so good, your squad will think you got it done in a salon.
31.MEDIA.TUMBLR.COM /GIPHYDay 1: Loose Waves
1. Prep wet hair with a styling cream to give it a clean, starchy feel, like R+Co Jackpot Styling Crème ($24).
2. Blow dry hair as usual.
3. Curl sections of hair with a 1.5-inch curling iron, twisting hair away from the face.
4. Finish with a flexible hairspray, like R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray ($29).
Day 2: Accent Braid
1. Decide which style you like for your face shape: "Do you want some hair in front, or do you want the braid right along the hairline for more of a milkmaid feel?" asks Kelsey.
2. Take a section of hair that's the width of the part to the middle of the head, so that there is a diamond over the part line. You want to make sure there's an angle, so your scalp isn't showing too much.
3. Start a French braid and continue two-thirds of the way down (to the eyebrow), then continue as a regular braid. Secure end with a small elastic.
4. Loosely tug on the sections of the braid to loosen it up, and finish with flexible hairspray.
Day 3: Braided Updo
1. Back comb the hair at the crown of the head.
2. Make a big triangle from the part line to the nape of the neck (or, the top of the crown to the start of the first braid).
3. Start a French braid across until you reach the first braid or you run out of hair. If French braiding the back of your head is too hard, you can also turn it into a regular side braid or bun.

Sneak peek of Kelsey Smart making me look all sorts of pretty. Post coming to soon!

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4. Add in yesterday's braid to whichever section is closest to it, continuing to braid regularly (or adding it to the bun, if that's the route you chose). Secure with an elastic. Clip any loose hairs into the braid with a bobby pin.
4. Leave the braid down or tuck under the French braid with jumbo pins.
5. Finish with flexible hairspray.

We're totes ready to sleigh those holiday parties, amirite?


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