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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Preaches Self-Love

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I've been watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows since they started airing it on TV. I love the performances that they always have, and each year, they keep getting better! Selena Gomez, The Weeknd and Ellie Goulding are the performers this year who are all absolutely amazing.

The Weeknd, with his soulful voice, took the stage first which was extremely upbeat and sexual, but that's pretty much the perfect fit for a lingerie fashion show. I won't lie; I've always been skeptical of Ellie Goulding. I'm just not the biggest fan of her voice, but she put me to shame tonight. She was amazing. Selena Gomez absolutely killed her performance and walked down the runway like she owned the place (if she was a few inches taller, she would be a perfect fit for a VS Angel). Can we talk about her look? Can I look like her? Can I be her? Questions that are unrealistic but questions I wish could come true.
2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - After Party
Also, two new well known Angels made their way down the runway tonight. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, um, would it be cool if I could look like either of them also? Yeah, no? Okay. There were rumors going around that Kendall was being bullied backstage because of her status, questioning if she even deserves to be walking down that runway as an Angel. I'm not sure where or why those rumors came about, but of course, everyone knocked them down saying they weren't true. But, as a big Kendall fan, if anyone deserves it, she's definitely does.

Last year and 2015 have been huge years for Kendall with walking in every fashion week imaginable, being the spokesperson for a huge beauty company and pretty much taking over the world. Some of these VS Angels have been around for years, let some new and well known models in, they won't do you wrong because both Kendall and Gigi looked absolutely stunning strutting down the runway.
2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Hair And MakeupThe Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has become a huge success, but there is also backlash it has received because these models are ultimately given the title of being a perfect woman. "Perfect" as in almost every woman in the world should look and want to look like this, and that is an issue. I'm not going to lie, of course I feel some type of way when I see these beautiful women walking down the runway in their underwear, when I can't even look at myself in my underwear. But that is where the issue of self-confidence comes into play.

Self-confidence is something everyone should have. I am an advocate for self-confidence, yet I do not have any myself, and I believe that happens with many people. People will be all over Twitter saying, "Oh, I wish I looked like so & so" or "Oh, these girls aren't realistic blah blah." Saying these things about other women is what is wrong in society. We are so quick to judge. I judge people by first glance, absolutely; you cannot tell me you don't judge people when you first see them. It's almost like a natural instinct; your mind says something about the person right in front of you whether the judgment is bad or good. Yet you let your judging thoughts go because that is their life to do and express it however they wish. Judging and self-confidence almost go hand in hand in my opinion. We judge others because we do not have the self-confidence that some women have - again, which is an issue within society, especially with women.

The VS Fashion Show could be considered a show that includes the comparison of body types to the body types of people who are not VS Angels. Everyone compares their bodies to the models when watching the show. People live tweet every single aspect they dislike about themselves and what they want to change in order to look like certain models they are watching. Reality is, you are not going to look like these models, plain and simple. That is okay, you are going to look like yourself; there is only one of you. Why not embrace it?

If you have changes you would like to make for the better and in a healthy way, please do so; follow your heart. Do not imagine the way these girls are built is because they don't eat or starve themselves; they work for their bodies. I love that during the show, they did show many models working out and what their favorite workout routines are - once again, proving that they do not put off eating for days for a fashion show. They just really work hard for the bodies they have. VS promoting health awareness and taking care of your body is hopefully something young or even old viewers will take into account and go ahead and do for themselves if they wish. If you truly want to impact your life and strive to look your best like these models do, then go for it. Just know that when you're working on yourself, you're not going to magically become Kendall Jenner overnight. I wish that was the case, but it does take time and the time will be worth it. Do it the healthy way; you'll feel better and look better. I believe in you!

I can preach self-love all day, every day, but I really should practice what I preach. The truth is, I do not love myself physically. I have come to a point where I've just had to be like, "Well, this is it, my body is the only thing I have, and as every New Year's resolution is to go on a diet, my 2016 resolution is just to take care of myself." Take care of my mental state, physical state if I would like (the healthy way of course), it's as simple as that and let's hope I stick to it. I hope you stick with yours when you decide what you need to change, if anything.

With that being said, the VS Fashion Show was unbelievable; the models are beautiful. The closest I'll get to wearing wings like a VS Angel is if I pick up angel wings from a Halloween store, and I'm fine with that.
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