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Top 5 Jaw-Dropping Moments From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Talk about #girlpower! Victoria's Secret surely never disappoints. To be honest, I didn't think that they could top up of last year's show, but boy, was I wrong!

Here are the top five moments that will give you a glimpse of the show.

1. Can We Start With Kendall Jenner, Please?
2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - RunwayEven though I really hate that Kendall and Gigi Hadid were the focus of attention by many photographers and journalists, I can honestly say that she did her part well, and kudos to the designers cause her costumes were A-mazing. Obviously, there needs to be a little bit of Kardashian in there, cause they want a shot of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn taking pictures and being proud of their daughter. No harm in that. :)

2. Fireworks Fantasy Bra
CNBC Events - Season 2015Lily Aldridge got emotional when they told her that she was going to wear the $2 million, jewel-encrusted Fireworks Fantasy Bra (and honestly who wouldn't?). And girl she worked it and did it justice.

3. I'm Just Going to Go on the Fireworks Theme (last theme of the show).
2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway
My jaw kept getting lower and lower after each model kept coming out. The costumes were outstanding. From the wonder bra to a light-up look that resembled a turning wheel to an ensemble reminiscent of a phoenix on fire worn by Joan Smalls, the props were out of this world, and it was the best way to end the show.

4. Everyone Likes a Good Selfie and Surely the Victoria's Secret Models Didn't Disappoint.
2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - BackstageThere was a feature showing what goes on backstage and apart from hair, makeup and interviews, selfies are a must. How else will they remember this event? Like duh!

5. We Can't not Talk About the Singers: Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and The WeekNd.
2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - RunwayAll three were amazing and vocals outstanding. They definetely helped to put on one great show and made it more memorable.

Believe me, those points are a few glimpse of the whole show. All I know now after watching this spectacular runway is that I really need to start working out. k.thx.bye.
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