Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel Ad Throws Some Shade After the VS Fashion Show

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Maybe you missed it, but the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show got a fair dose of body positivity with Lane Bryant's Cacique lingerie ad airing right after the show. While the bold "I'm no Angel" hashtag repeating throughout the commercial may have seemed like some shade being thrown at the VS Fashion Show and its models, Lane Bryant was actually making a massive statement about what universal beauty truly means.

And we kinda loved it.

Throughout the 30 second ad, Cacique gets steamy with models of various shapes, sizes and skin colors posing in their lingerie and showing what it means to be hot. Embracing their curves and smiling seductively just like some of our favorite VS supermodels, Lane Bryant's girls openly admit that being the same is actually really boring. Their final message? That they may not be VS angels, but that doesn't mean they're not incredibly sexy.

The ad is a part of Lane Bryant's new campaign, encouraging women to "share their sexy" and get to know their models just as much as their VS idols. The fact that this ad was allowed to show immediately following the famous lingerie brand's biggest annual event speaks volumes. We don't know about you, but each year after watching the VS Fashion Show we suddenly become a tad body conscious. After all, VS angels are supposed to be the pinnacle beauty and sex appeal (hence the heavenly status) but no women on earth, including the models, actually can look like that.
Throughout the show's many ventures into the lives of its models, Victoria's Secret even showed what its angels go through to get ready for the show. With some of the models admitting they work out seven days a week, sometimes twice a day, bearing through the pain so not a single flaw is broadcasted to the world, we were left speechless. We had a hunch that these women went to extreme measures, but we didn't fully understand it until then. And the message still stood, no matter how light-hearted VS seemed to package it.

But to contrast with these women who only seem to be getting skinnier each year, we were able to see Cacique's picture of beauty. Not only were these women obviously eating (thank goodness!), they were bearing all their flaws, stretch marks and cellulite included. To them, it didn't seem to matter; in fact, it was the flaws that actually made them sexy.

Who needs wings when you've got @TheAshleyGraham? #ImNoAngel

A video posted by Lane Bryant (@lanebryant) on

We're not sure how Lane Bryant got such a prominent billing spot right after the show, or if VS was actually in on the body pos move after their show, but we know that repercussions of this are pretty huge. Yes, VSangels may still be the country's obsession, but they're not the only picture of beauty we're getting from the media. Cacique's models were able to follow Victoria's Secret with a follow up message; beauty, especially sex appeal means having curves and owning them.


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