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'Scream Queens' Season Finale Leaves Us Wanting More

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Warning this article has spoilers in it.

Scream Queens is the perfect mix of drama and comedy; I am living for it. Last night was the season finale, and it was wild from the beginning. The first half hour on its own had so much going on and had so much revealed. It was heavily set in drama mode.

After last week's heart-stopping revelation that Pete is a killer, Pete spilled the beans about the Red Devil twins. Who would have thought Pete would be in cahoots with two psychopaths? Grace certainly did not. However, right before Pete could reveal who the living devil is, she kills him, fueling Grace even more to find out the Red Devil's true identity.

Who would have guessed it was a Chanel? Chanel No. 6 made the perfect killer. She was the right mix of cunning and devious from the start. She was dedicated to the plan and proved it when she stabbed herself in the eye with a heel. Talk about commitment!

Then, who would have thought she would successfully get all three remaining Chanels locked away? The scene where she convinces Chanel No. 5's parents to claim she was the bathtub baby was so shocking, it was comical.

During the trial, I was cringing. If Chanel Oberlin stayed quiet, they would have been free. It was justifiable, though, that the jury changed its verdict to guilty. The insane asylum was a good punishment for the girls and even created a connection to American Horror Story, which was also created by Ryan Murphy. It was totally predictable, however, that Chanel No. 1 would take charge in the asylum. She is a true ruler, no matter the venue.

The ending left me wanting more. The Red Devil reappears in the presumably safe asylum, leaving the viewer not knowing if Chanel is alive or dead.
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