This Tinder-like App Picks Who You Want For President

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It's not that it isn't on-trend to be informed about the political race for president, it's a combination of things:

1. Keeping up with all of the candidates and their views
2. Understanding the views
3. Understanding how the views affect you, your friends and family, your state, your country ...
4. ... the list goes on.

25-year-old Hunter Scarborough wanted to build something that solved all of these problems and created the Voter app. Voter aims to educate millennials on the issues at hand and present which political party and representative share those same views.

I downloaded the app to test it out, and it first asked me to login, followed by a series of "basic" questions: "Legalize marijuana? Repeal Obamacare?" If you're unsure of your view, the app provides an info section to educate the user on the topic at a high level:

How does Voter get all of this real-time information? Per Fast Company, Voter relies on "databases from the Sunlight Foundation, GovTrack.US, and Open Secrets, among others. While these organizations want to make their data open and accessible, it is hard for the average citizen to make sense of it."

The app has different levels of questions as well (currently there are three.) After the initial questions, users can choose to provide their stance on even more issues like "stricter laws for online piracy" or whether or not the United States should "send troops to foreign wars." These same "levels" provide an overview of the topic and opposing views.

All in all, this is an app I would 100% recommend. It's easy to use and navigate, and the information is digestible and readily accessible. Hunter also plans to expand Voter's services so users can rely on it for state and local elections, too.

Download the app and tweet more your thoughts @lizprugh.


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