So Vagina-Print Scarves Are Officially a Thing Now

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There's been no shortage of vagina-inspired feminist fashion lately with period-themed jewelry and lady-bit nail wraps making it to the online shopping world, but now our baby maker is gracing another fashion item entirely: Scarves. "The Pussy Bow" was the brain child of Christen Clifford, a feminist artist who hopes to grapple with topics like menstruation, rape, childbirth and harassment through her latest piece, says the Daily Dot.

Where did the idea for such an accessory come from, you ask? Funny story. Christen explains on her site that the Pussy Bow was the eventual evolution of purchasing Siime Eye vibrator. Equipped with a camera attached to the end, Christen used this vibrator to broadcast the inside of her vagina live on Periscope while also projecting the images onto the walls of New York's Ace Hotel.

Technology these days, amirite?
After being able to see the inside of her vaginal walls just inches from her cervix, Christen was in awe of what she found up there.

"It looks like a leaf pattern to me. I love the colors, how the warm fluid turns to an almost cool blue," she said on her Tumblr.

Because Christen immediately fell in love with the colors and textures she found...within herself, she decided to print that image on silk. The result was a pun-tastic article of clothing that she is now selling for $50.
For those of you who don't know, a Pussy Bow is a type of blouse that features a loose bow that can be tied by your neck. Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent pretty much made it a staple, but Christen says she believes its making a comeback now.

To go along with the feminist message, 10 percent of the proceeds from each Pussy Bow sold will go toward Planned Parenthood. Through doing this, Christen hopes to aid in the fight against recent attacks on reproductive rights like the shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood.

"There is no equality without reproductive rights, there are no reproductive rights without respect for the female body, and there is no respect for the female body without knowledge of it," she told the Daily Dot. "So the Pussy Bow is a feminist action disguised as a fashion accessory."

Weirdly enough, the scarves are pretty cute. We can't deny that the color pattern is pretty even if it is lady bits-themed. Sure, it's a touch eccentric but we stand by Christen's the message accompanying her Pussy Bows. Whether or not we'll actually be wearing Christen's pussy around our necks like she asks remains to be seen, but we're all about promoting reproductive rights.

Do you Christen, we'll be behind you 100 percent.


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