Amber Rose's Girl Crush on Ronda Rousey Just Got More Serious

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Amber Rose is extremely vocal about her commitment to supporting other women, but recent comments the 32-year-model made about Ronda Rousey suggest that she'd be willing to give the mixed martial artist star a little extra TLC.

When TMZ asked Amber about having Ronda's back on Twitter after her recent loss to fighter Holly Holm, she appeared to be, er — a little more than sympathetic.

"That's my baby," Amber said. "I have lesbianic feelings for Ronda."

Um, if Ronda didn't know, now she knows.

Our first reaction was to wonder what Amber's bae Machine Gun Kelly would have to say about this unapologetic girl crush, but it looks like she's in the clear because the couple reportedly split back in August. However, there's still the matter of Ronda's boyfriend, which might complicate things.

Hmm...we'll have to check with Amber's "How to Be a Bad B**ch" book for tips on how they might proceed with this situation.

At the very least, though, a friendship between Amber and Ronda could be the making of one hell of a #squad. Ronda knows she has someone by her side who will help her weather the storms and most importantly, devise an epic comeback for those
Justin Bieber disses.
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