3 Holiday Party Makeover Inspos to Try This Season

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It's that time of year again when the holiday party invites keep coming your way and you're bugging just a tad. Why does your closet seem to be lacking in ugly sweaters? What the heck should you do with that unruly mop you call hair? And of course, WTF are you supposed to do with your makeup?

We know you want to dress to impress this holiday season (and maybe have a rendezvous under the mistletoe), and we've got you covered in the makeup department. Looking through some of our favorite holiday party tutorials, we've compiled a list of the best and simplest makeup looks that will last you the entire night as you jump from one party to the next. Our biggest tip? Don't be afraid to go with a deep, red lip; it's a festive color, after all.

1. Bold Lips for the New Year

If you've decided to take our advice, you're going to want to keep your eye makeup minimal and make your luscious red pout the focus of attention. Maddi Bragg, one of our fave tutorial queens offers great beauty #inspo to keep it light on the eyes but pop some color on those lips. And if you're looking to invest in a new beauty haul, Maddi has some great drugstore product recommendations.

First, Maddi moisturizes and primes her skin (always a must) and goes in with her foundation and her highlighter. Maddi puts a super generous amount of highlighter under her eyes, on her cheek bones, and nose to get a glowing effect that is perfect under a string of Christmas lights. Once she's done with that, she sets her face makeup with a matte foundation and fills her brows in. To start her shadow, Maddi primes her eyes and then applies a shimmery pink champagne color to her lids, popping a warm bronze shade in her crease. To add more depth, she takes a darker shade of brown and applies it to the outer corner of her lower crease and blends that out. Taking a light shade of off-white, Maddi applies the color to her brown bone and near her tear duct for some highlight. Finishing with a dramatic, winged liner, Maddi is done with her eyes.

For her lips, she goes in with a bright red lip liner and fills in her entire pout. Then, she takes a liquid lipstick in a darker red and applies it over the lip liner for a deeper shade of vermillion. And that's all it takes!

2. Some Serious Shimmer

For our second fave holiday look, Beauty Blogger Jeanine Amapola goes for some shimmery, warm shadows and another variation on the red lip. This look is complete perfection for when you want a subtle glitz to complement your stand-out pout.

First, she applies both a liquid and powder foundation without SPF to ensure she doesn't get a white-cast in photos. Next, Jeanine also goes hard on the highlighter, applying it under her eyes, on her nose, above her cheek bones and under her chin to add a contoured brightness. To complete the light contour, Jeanine takes bronzer and applies it on the outside of her nose and under her cheeks, adding a touch of blush on the apples of her cheeks.

Once her brows are done, Jeanine primes her eyes and puts a bright white color on her lids. After, she takes a medium, chocolate brown and blends that into her crease, layering a more shimmery brown on top of it near the outermost part of her inner crease. With another shimmery shade, Jeanine finishes her crease and adds a bright highlight to her brow bone and near her tear ducts. Winging her eyeliner and applying a double layer of mascara, Jeanine finishes her eyes. For her lips, Jeanine lines them with a bright red pencil and finishes it off with a pigmented, red lip stain.

With this look, you're sure to be holiday-ready.

3. Xmas Colored Shadows

If you want to rock the best holiday colors but still look positively chic, try beauty blogger Gabi's tutorial. Blending in a forest green and a deep red over her lids, she creates a unique color combo perfect for the season.

Gabi naturally starts her tutorial off with some liquid foundation and concealer to cover up any discolorations. Then, she sets the makeup with a powder. After filling in her brows, Gabi primes her eyes and adds a sparkly yellow gold to her lids. For her lower crease, Gabi takes a deep shade of forest green and blends it in evenly, layering a burgandy red on top for her upper crease. When she's finished, she applies some liquid liner and a frosty shade over the two xmas colors to further blend them together. Finishing with a highlight under her brow bone, Gabi applies mascara and some long, voluminous false lashes.

For the rest of her face, Gabi pops on some blush and an added highlight over her cheek bones. She completes the look by lining her lips and adding a orangey-pink lipstick.

What's your go-to lip look for the holidays? Sound off in the comments below with your fave Xmas party beauty looks.


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