Here's How to Stop Hackers From Selling Your Netflix Account

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You know how all of your login passwords are the same? (Probably something like, "iluv1Direction123") Well, you should probably change it. Hackers over in the Dark Web (a discreet online marketplace where things like guns and alien footage are sold) are selling lifetime Netflix accounts for as low as $0.50.

McAfee Labs Research first reported this and has gotten to the bottom of how these hackers are actually selling individuals' Netflix accounts - without the actual account owner even noticing. Side note: Can people really not buck up $8/month to pay for an account? Get yourself together, people! If you can buy a Venti at Starbucks, you can sign up for your own freaking Netflix account. took the liberty of finding out how users can determine whether or not they've been hacked and how to stop their accounts from being illegally accessed.

1. Your recently watched isn't right

How are you supposed to Netflix and Chill if your "recently watched" is all messed up? If you're only in season 2 of your Gilmore Girls re-watch and your account shows Rory's dating Logan (you missed all the best Jess moments!), then someone's probably hacked your account. Go to your Netflix settings, and once there click on "sign out of all devices." This will log out anyone else using your account. Then, of course, change your password.

2. Go to (yes, this is a real website)

This website will tell you whether or not your PII (personal identifiable information) has been hacked. This is good to know anyways, but it's probably more effective to go to your Netflix account first.

You're all set. Queue up your fav shows hack-free.


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