Falsies for Beginners: How to Apply False Lashes

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False lashes: They seem like a mishap waiting to happen. Between the lash glue, trying to place the lashes perfectly and the potential to poke yourself in the eyes, applying false lashes are more of an art than a science.

But as teeth-clenchingly frustrating as it can be to try and apply your falsies, you have to admit the look is always out of this world. When you successfully apply false lashes to your peepers, your eyes are instantly brightened, your shadow always looks better and you feel like you could give Beyonce a run for her money.

For all of you who want that instant volume without the hassle of actually getting extensions or wasting your life's savings on high-end mascaras, here are some tips for putting on your false lashes.

Just remember, lash glue is your friend not your enemy.

If you're more of a visual learner, beauty blogger and makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill has an amazingly detailed tutorial of how she puts on fake lashes. We love just about everything she does, but if the idea of using tweezers so close to your eye makes you squeamish, we've got some other ideas for you.

Step 1: Mascara it Up

The experts at Elle say that your first step when applying falsies should always be to put mascara on your natural lashes. Not only will this help create a stronger base to support the weight of your false lashes, it will also help the color of your natural lashes blend better with the falsies.

Jaclyn says that curling your lashes before applying mascara makes it a tad more difficult to apply, but Elle suggests to curl them if you want your lashes to blend more seamlessly into the falsies later.

Step 2: Trim to Size

Chances are your falsies will not fit the exact length of your eye and even if they do, you should still trim them to keep the falsies off the inner most corner of your lid. Jaclyn basically says eyeball it, cutting less instead of more and then measuring the falsies against your lid.
Close up of young woman's eye with make up.Elle also suggests cutting the falsies in half in order to make application easier. Instead of having to apply one set of false lashes, risking them slipping and sliding on your lid, applying two smaller sets will give you more control.

Step 3: Get out the Glue

When applying the glue to your falsies, add a thin line at the base, making sure there are no gaps in the glue. Less is more, but the falsies should still be covered or you may risk them falling off. Rather than placing them on as soon as the glue is applied, wait 30 seconds to a minute. The glue will still adhere to your lids, but it'll be a lot less slippery and stick more easily if you give it some time to dry.

Step 4: Apply Them!

If you cut the false lashes in half, put them on using your fingers and not a tweezer. Start first by putting one of your falsies at the outer-most corner of your lid, then place the other part on the inner-most corner, avoiding getting too close to the tear duct so you elongate the look of your eye. Though Jaclyn uses tweezers, try and avoid them if you have a shaky hand; they may give you a bit more control, but you can just as easily push the lashes onto your lids with your fingers without the risk of a serious injury.

That's it! Though it might seem like putting falsies on always has to be time-consuming microsurgery, it's a lot simper than you think. Don't worry girl, you got this!


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