5 Makeup Hacks to Help you Look Awake After an All-nighter

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Sleepless nights and all-nighters are pretty much a fact of life; you've got a paper or an exam in the A.M. but so far your procrastination genes have gotten the better of you and now you have no choice but to spend the whole night studying. While all-nighters are one of the most excruciating experiences our education years have to offer, there are ways to put on a good face and let no one know you're suffering through the pain. Makeup is your best friend after an all-nighter and the strategic way you apply it will keep those eyes looking bright and alive. You may be a walking zombie, but at least you won't look like it!

Here are the best ways to look like you got some sleep after a night-long study sesh.

1. Cold Tea Bags

Not really makeup related, but if you want to get rid of those bags and reduce swelling Good Housekeeping highly recommends this. If you know it's going to be a long night, pop two tea bags in your freezer the night before. When you finally shut off your computer in the morning, take the frozen tea bags and put them under your eyes for a few minutes. The tannins in tea will help to lessen dark circles by constricting blood vessels under the eyes and the cold will reduce the swelling. If you're not a tea drinker, no fear! Take Q-tips and dip them in your fave moisturizer or eye cream and stick those in the freezer. Once the morning rolls around, rub the cold moisturizer under your eyes to wake them up a bit.

2. All the Concealer

Concealer is, and forever will be, your best friend after a long night. Before even thinking about applying your concealer though, correct the dark circles under your eyes by applying orange tinted powder or an eye corrector. This will automatically reduce the purple even more than concealer on its own.
Makeup brushes on compactThen, take your concealer (preferably one designed to be used under your eyes) and apply them in small triangles underneath your eyes. Not much of a concealer guru? We've got some good tips for you here. Once you blend in the concealer, set it with a translucent setting powder (if you have one) which that'll add even more brightness under your eyes.

3. Blue Eyeliner

Her Campus swears by this trick. Take a blue eyeliner pencil and apply it onto your waterline before you head out the door. A subtle blue or navy shade will make the whites of your eyes pop, ultimately making you look more awake.

4. Mascara

To make your eyes look less sluggish, head right for your favorite mascara wand. Curling your lashes first, apply a nice coat of mascara to your eye lashes. This will instantly open your eyes more, creating the illusion that you got your eight hours in the night before.
Close-up of a young woman applying mascara

5. Highlighter

Highlighter is a life saver almost any day including days following sleepless nights. To brighten your entire face and wake up your look, highlight above and below your brow bone with a light shade of shadow. Pop the same shade of shadow near your tear duct and also add some highlighter above your cheek bones. This way, your eyes will not only look bigger but more alert.

Don't worry girl, with a cup of coffee in hand and these makeup tricks you can take on the world, even if you're falling asleep in the middle of class!


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