This '90s Lip Trend Is Back and Better Than Ever

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There are a lot of '90s beauty trends that should just stay in the past: roll-on body glitter and crazy frosty eyeshadow are two of them. But there is one trend being recycled that we're all about: matte brown lipstick.

You probably know it as a look that only Kylie Jenner can pull off, but it's actually quite easy for normals like us to wear, too - and thanks to new moisturizing lipstick formulas, a gorgeous, pouty brown lip is far more attainable than it was in the Spice Girls' era.

"The brown lip trend is definitely a walk back into the '90s," says Lori Taylor-Davis, Smashbox's Pro Lead Makeup Artist. "They say with fashion everything comes back around, and it's exactly the same with makeup. In the '90s, the lipsticks didn't have much life to them; the tones didn't have texture."

And as for the formulas, putting on an old-school matte lipstick almost always ended in chapped, flaky lips.

"Now matte lipsticks are moisturizing and long-wearing," Lori says. "Color and texture combos allow for more fun creative makeup looks! You can go from a glossy to a matte or cream lip color. It's like we're breathing new life into lipstick colors and textures."

Now for the tricky part: When selecting your brown hue, Lori suggests using your skin's undertones as a reference to find the perfect match.

"Rich purple-browns (Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick in Coffee Run, $21) are great for dark skin tones," she says. "Soft neutral browns go with fair skin tones, and medium/light skin tones should wear brick-red browns (Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick in Made It, $21)."

With Lori's tips, your next brown lip will totally make your home slices jealous. So fly.GIPHY


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