This Is What 100 Years of Holiday Makeup Styles Looks Like

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With all of the holiday parties and seasonal events coming up, we won't settle for looking like anything less than our best while rocking around the Christmas tree. And since we want to try out some new beauty styles to ring in the new year, we're looking for some serious style #inspo where ever we can get it. Fortunately for us, Allure recently came out with a video of some of the best holiday makeup styles of the past, combining looks from its own vintage pages, along with historical looks featured in Vogue and Glamour.

We think we're going retro this year.

Starting off in the year 1916, Allure explains how holiday makeup looks at the Turn of the Century consisted of mostly rouged lips and cheeks with a pompadour hairstyle messily piling hair on top of the head. Switching over to the 1926, brows suddenly got thinner and eye makeup became darker, with women lining and filling in their lips to achieve the perfect Cupid's bow. Hair was of course cut short into bobs to keep with the Flapper-appeal of that era.

During the 1930s, some of the drama of the 20s was forgotten but definitely not on the lips! Hair was still cut short but softer waves replaced the short, severe bob. Bright red lips became the norm as women began experimenting with deeper, darker colors.

When the Second World War comes around in 1942, ladies are now pin curling their hair to perfection and keeping with the red lips. We also begin to see winged liner become popular for the first time and thank goodness for that! In the 1950s, we don't see too drastic of a departure from the previous decade; soft curls are still a hair fave, with red lips and a winged cat-eye still the norm.
When we make it to the '60s and '70s, things start to change dramatically. Holiday looks in the '60s included mod-hair styles with double the winged liner near the lash line and in the crease of the lid. The 1970s, however, decided to keep it simple with minimal makeup and pin-straight hair parted down the middle.

One of the most fun makeup looks of the past decade definitely happened in the '80s. Using blues, purples and pinks in their shadows and matching equally bold makeup with bold hair, the '80s definitely took beauty looks to place they've never been before.

Settling down in the '90s, we see some dark brown lips and straight hair making a comeback. In the early 2000s, we ditch those dark lips for bright lip gloss shades and start flat-ironing the s**t out of our hair. And finally, we land at 2015 where curly, ombred hair reigns supreme and our eyebrows are as thick as ever.

We don't know about you, but we think we might bring the '60s back this Christmas.

Which was your favorite holiday look from the past 100 years? Sound off in the comments below!


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