6 Blush Mistakes You're Def Making

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Blush: An instant way to add color and youth to your beauty look while lifting your cheek bones and brightening your face. But as amazing as this product may seem, blush isn't the easiest thing to put on correctly. It may seem simple -just take a brush, dip it in the powder and put it on your cheeks- but if done wrong, your blush can leave you looking like you just ran through an ice storm. Chances are, most of us are making some pretty common mistakes with our blush, so to avoid looking like an '80s aerobics model (did those even exist?) be mindful of these few things when you're popping color on your cheeks.

1. Applying too Much Color

The last thing you want to do is go HAM when running your brush through your blush. Even the lightest of blushes can have a pretty intense effect when applied to your cheeks, so just remember that less will forever be more. If it looks like there's barely any product on your brush, don't fret! As soon as you transfer that product onto your face you will have more than enough.

Blush is also super tough to get off and subsequent rubbing can make your cheeks look even more red, so put on a small amount and build if necessary.
Makeup brush and pink blush powder splatter

2. Going Beyond the Apples of Your Cheek

If you think that applying blush means brushing on the product in large circular motions, think again. Your blush should only be going on the apples of your cheeks -the rounded parts of your cheeks just above the cheek bone- or else it won't look natural. In order to find your apples, suck in the sides of your cheek, making a fish-like face. The parts that stick out are the areas that you should be dabbing blush onto. But to prevent your blush from looking like a small, rosy circle in the center of your face, fan that blush outward toward your hairline just below the temple. This way, you'll get a more contoured angle that looks natural.

3. Avoiding Cream Blush

According to Daily Makeover, cream blush may be an even better product than your favorite powder. Because cream blush has the consistency of foundation, it melds more easily with your skin and is a lot simpler to blend in. Cream blush also tends to last longer because the formula allows it to stick more to your skin.

4. Not Taking the Time to Blend

Blush, my friends, is no two second affair. If you think you're simply going to sweep it on with an angled brush and hit the road, you're sadly mistaken. Take the time to blend your blush, using both your brush and your fingers to help the product fuse seamlessly into your skin. Remember, work it up toward your hairline under your temples to create a lifting effect.
blush crumble

5. Forgetting Foundation

If you don't want to listen to us and try a cream blush, you're going to need to apply foundation if you want your blush to stay all day. Without something to stick itself too, powder products wear away as the day goes by. If you apply blush on top of foundation, it'll give it the firm base it needs to create a long-lasting look.

6. Choosing the Wrong Color

When we typically think of blush, we think of a light pink powder to create a natural flush, but that's not the case for all skin tones. You should only really be using light pinks or peachy tones if you have fair skin, says Allure. If you have medium skin, opt for a bronzy apricot or a mauve to add color. Olive skin tones should stick to more orange bases, with hints of bronzy browns. Darker skin should opt for more purple blushes, or even brick reds.

Now that you're fully blush-educated, go out there and try out your new tricks and you'll never look overly flushed again.


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