5 Things you Probs Didn't Know you Could Do with a Beauty Blender

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If there is one tool you absolutely need in your makeup kit, it's a beauty blender. A relatively recent invention of pure makeup genius, the beauty blender takes sponges to a whole new level. Whether you have the traditional egg-shape or opt for something a little more funky for specific applications, a beauty blender can do just about anything. And if you're not one to spend too much on fancy brushes and sponges, your beauty blender can be your go-to for a majority of your makeup needs. This is all of the things your beauty blender can do so you can untap its full potential and save some money in the process.

1. Apply Foundation

Most beauty blender converts will tell you that their special little sponge is an absolute necessity when it comes to applying foundation. Placing a few dots around your face, you can use your beauty blender to evenly distribute and blend your foundation throughout your skin for an air brushed finish. While some brushes may leave streaks or not allow the product to fully penetrate into your skin, a beauty blender will create a seamless glow that looks like you're wearing nothing.

2. Blend Your Concealer

If liquid foundation looks flawless with a beauty blender, why would concealer be any different? To keep your concealer from looking like a blob of makeup on top of a zit or an intense amount of color just beneath your eyes, dot the concealer on that specific area and tap it into the skin with your beauty blender. I do this whenever I'm in a hurry and need to conceal under-eye circles quickly. It significantly diminishes the look of my bags without seeming like I'm wearing any product at all. Your beauty blender will also help reduce the appearance of blemishes without being able to tell where your concealer starts or ends. And it's so easy to do.

3. Set Your Makeup

You may not think that your beauty blender can take on powder, but it totes can and does it well. If you're looking to set under-eye concealer with a translucent powder, take out your beauty blender, add some powder to your sponge and lightly tap it onto your skin. From my own experience, I've found that this works so much better than a brush because it delivers even coverage without getting cakey. You can even wet the beauty blender to turn your powder into a more liquid-like formula, and apply it that way.

The same goes for setting the rest of your face; if you want to add a matte powder finish to make foundation less oily looking, just dip your beauty blender into the powder and blend it into your foundation.

4. Finish a Flawless Contour

Beauty blenders kick some serious a** when it comes to contours. If you're working with a liquid or powder formula and you want to make sure that you can't see where your highlight ends and your bronzer begins, your beauty blender is a must-have. After applying streaks of concealer with some low-lights of bronzer, take your beauty blender and run it across your face to fuse all of those colors together. Rather than taking hours to buff the makeup into your skin with a brush, your beauty blender will get it done in seconds!

5. Prime Your Face

You may not have guessed this one, but a clean beauty blender can make applying your primer so much easier. Just take the formula and place dots around your face, spreading the formula out with your beauty blender. This technique can also work for a tinted moisturizer.

If we've successfully converted you over to the power of the beauty blender, you can get the original at Sephora ($20) or a great drugstore-priced dupe at Ulta ($6.99).


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