5 Ways Makeup Can Help Hide Your Hangover

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We've all been there: A rage-tastic night filled with questionable choices, loud music and some foggy memories results the following morning in a splitting headache and a zombie-like look you never want the public to see. Unfortunately, life often dictates that we still somehow have to function during a perpetual hangover which can most certainly be done with the right makeup tricks. To look a million times better than you're feeling, try these makeup hacks to face the world one nauseating step at a time!

1. Wash Your Face Twice

Chances are you're going to have some mysterious gunk and clumps of makeup strewn about your face the day after a night of partying hard. But to truly make your face look a little less miserable, you should wash it twice. Glamour says your best bet is to wash the first time around with warm water and a detoxifying cleanser to rid your skin of any of the nastiness it faced last night. Then, switch the tap over to cool and splash some cold water on your face. The feeling of cold will help reduce any puffiness on your face which will make applying makeup easier.
Woman splashing face with water

2. Swap Foundation for a Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream

You're going to need to moisturize the crap out of your skin after a long night of drinking because alcohol dries your skin out completely. You may think it's a good idea to run to your foundation with your skin looking sallow and slightly sickly, but avoid that foundation like the plague. Double up on your normal moisturizer and a tinted moisturizer or a hydrating BB cream to give your skin much needed color without drying it out further.

3. Find Your Pink Blush

Like we said, your hungover skin is going to have you wondering if you've suddenly been cast in The Walking Dead so to avoid looking like a partied-out corpse, get as much color on your face as you can. Take a pink-toned blush and pop it on the apples of your cheeks, working outward toward your hair line. This little touch of color will do wonders to make you look more like you're part of humanity than you may feel.

4. Conceal and Highlight

Concealer is an absolute dream to cover up anything we're looking to hide, and late night excursions of the drinking variety are no exception. Cosmo UK says that a contoured look will help to reduce any of the puffiness all your previous boozing has caused. Take a bit of corrector, and pop it under your eyes and anywhere else your skin looks particularly dark. Then, add some concealer under your eyes, in the middle of your nose, near your jawline, above your your cheek bones and in the center of your forehead to highlight your features. Go in with a darker shade of concealer (remember, we're trying to avoid powder that will make skin drier) and contour the rest of your face by applying that shade under your cheek bones, around your hairline, and on the sides of your nose.
Woman applying makeup on her own eyes.

5. Use a Flesh-colored Liner

Your eyes are probably blood-shot at this point so you're going to want to make them look more awake. To do this, opt for a white or flesh-colored eyeliner and put it on your waterline. If you find that a white liner is too harsh, stick with the flesh-colored liner to make your eyes look more open.

6. Mascara It Up

Mascara will also instantly lift your peepers and make them look more open. Simply take your favorite wand and add a generous amount to your lashes so your eyes look more awake.

Finally, drink some water, take a deep breath, and get yourself out there. You got this, girl.


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