Mountain Dew-Flavored Chicken Wings Exist IRL

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We've heard our fair share of weird food combinations, but the ingredients in Buffalo Wild Wings' new Zesty Citrus sauce honestly sound like they would leave our taste buds confused AF.

Washing down a serving of chicken wings with a soda sounds like NBD, but here's the thing: the restaurant chain created their limited-time sauce using Mountain Dew.

Um...yeah — that would be chicken drenched in soda.

To be fair, though, the recipe entails a little more than dumping a liter of Mountain Dew in a bowl with some wings, and, believe it or not, they actually do look pretty tasty (which is honestly kind of scary). According to a Buffalo Wild Wings press release, the wing sauce was created when a "bold citrus flavor of Mountain Dew was infused with lemongrass and spicy red pepper-flakes to create a blast of sweet and spicy."

Well, if Mountain Dew Doritos are a thing, then we suppose there's no reason why chicken wings can't get the soda treatment.

The Mountain Dew-infused wings will only be available from Dec. 14 to Jan. 2, 2016 to coincide with college football's Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl. They'll probably win over the wing and soda-loving crowd, but the holiday timing might also work to their advantage.

We know, we know — suffing your face with fast food on a holiday might sound blasphemous (and will probably piss off your mom), but if you're bored AF with the traditional turkey and stuffing, adding a slice of Piecaken with the Mountain Dew wings will definitely add some pizzazz to your plate.
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