One Direction Fan Tweets About Dream Flight With Harry Styles

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Imagine being seated on a plane next to One Direction's Harry Styles. Yeah, we would probably lose consciousness or go on blathering like a rabid fangirl. Well, it actually happened to one lucky (very lucky!) girl on a recent 10 hour plane ride.

10 hours. Sitting next to Harry. Um. How jealous are we?

The best part, besides being inches from Harry, is that she tweeted the whole experience so she could a) prove it really happened and b) share the epic event with other 1D fans.

Alex Lomas snapped some pics with the heartthrob and gave a bit of a play-by-play of the flight, which we are super appreciative of. We can kind of live vicariously through her.

The hilarious part? She was totally reading a Harry fanfic before realizing who was seated next to her. Oh, and she got to see him sleeping, but didn't take a pic of that because she explained it would be "rude and disrespectful." How much does she rock?

He was asleep for ages and he looked bloody adorable

A photo posted by Alex Lomas (@alexlomasxx) on

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