Savory, Veggie-Flavored Yogurt Is the Newest Food Trend

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Yogurt is a tasty, filling, and portable snack that can also satisfy your cravings for something sweet. (Seriously, have you tried mixing in chocolate chips and peanut butter into plain yogurt? It's tastes just like cookie dough!) But the latest food trend has nothing to do with turning your yogurt into an easy dessert substitute: instead, the latest yogurt trend is all about infusing savory flavors into your basic snack. Could you get aboard this trend?

Whole Foods has just started selling products from Blue Hill, a restaurant which make yogurts with very unusual flavors. Say goodbye to blueberry and vanilla: Blue Hill's yogurts are flavored with things like butternut squash and tomato. According to Evening Standard, Chobani is also getting in on the action, and will sell "flip cup" yogurts with a spicy kick. Flavors will include things like chipotle pineapple for the more adventurous palates out there.

The trend may seem odd, but that's only if you're considering these yogurts like the same ones you might have as a light dessert. Instead, these new yogurts can act as a dressing or dip: instead of dunking your carrot sticks in ranch dressing, you can test them out with tomato-based yogurt.

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Personally, my favorite yogurt pairing is sweet stuff like granola and chocolate chips, but hey: I may dip my spoon in the savory side every now and again.
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