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Should the University of Missouri Administrators Resign?

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It's sad to think that with all the wonderful colors placed on earth, some are made out to be less of a color than others. In reality, every color is equal with its own unique expression. People, for instance, range in a variety of beautiful colors. I am considered black, or African American to be more politically correct.

Being African American, I have been in situations where I felt like I was less of a person because of how others treated me. Although this is unfair, it is a life event that adds to individuals dealing with issues of racism. When people are personally attacked, it allows them to understand other issues of the same relevancy. That's why people will gather to protest the current events in Missouri.

When it comes to the incident of what is going on in Missouri, I think that action should be taken. I believe it should be the responsibility of all administration at an academic institution to make students feel welcomed and appreciated. After all, it is not one race that creates the whole school's population. In the instance of what is happening at University of Missouri system, I don't believe it is up to me to say whether the university administrators should resign. I do think though that if they honestly feel it would be in the best interest of the school and for themselves to resign that they should follow through with that. I can respect that because to make a mistake is inevitable but to fix a mistake or to learn from it is upon oneself.

At the end of the day, it can be awkward to address issues of racism that occur because opinions to addressing racist situations tend to vary from one person to another.
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