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New photo app PHHHOTO might just be the fleekest photo app of them all. With branding that screams, "I'm a fierce betch," the app focuses on sharing moving pictures with funky filters through a community of your friends.

I tested out the app with a picture of my sleeping dog. My weimaraner, Charly, was making some noises in her sleep, so I threw the "freeze" filter on the photo (no, she wasn't actually cold, just having puppy dreams.)

The app's best feature (IMO) is the Party feature. You can start your own "Party" and invite your friends, so all of your fun photos are posted in one place.

See what I mean about the badass branding? I feel more like a Jenner every time I use it. The only thing that sucks about the app is the sign up process. You aren't able to login via Facebook or Twitter, so you have to go through the process of creating a username and password, then getting a verification code through text or from a phone call. They say it's to protect from spammers, but I wish there was an easier way.

The sharing feature is easy to use, providing links to text, Instagram, save, link, and add to Tumblr. There's a traditional feed within the app as well with photos of friends you follow. The tough part is getting your friends on the app. Through looking at contacts on my phone, only about ten of my contacts actually had the app (meanwhile over 50% of my contacts are on Snapchat.)

Download the app today (available for both iOS and Android) and let me know what you think by tweeting me @lizprugh.


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