A New Instagram Update Will Make It Easier to Insta-Stalk

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Have you ever been looking through Instagram's explore option for the perfect photo, only to jump back and forth between different accounts? It's not as seamless as it could be. Fortunately, Instagram just created a new update that will make finding photos to heart a whole lot easier.

Instagram has officially introduced 3D touch, and it might change the way you scroll through the app. Now, if you're searching for a cool sunset pic, all you have to do is hold down the photo in order to enlarge it - no need to jump from explore to that specific photo and back. It is similar to the iPhone 7's latest "peek" features, which allows you to check out an app without actually opening it.

Here's a video that explains how all this ish works:Unfortunately, there is one catch with this new update: the only way you'll be able to get the 3D touch is if you have an Android phone. iPhone junkies will either have to upgrade their phones to the iPhone 7 or jump ship entirely to get a taste of this feature.

Of course, not having this feature shouldn't stop anyone from continuing to stalk their crush's cute pics or find cute photos of French bulldog puppies. The world is still your photo oyster with this app, even if you have to settle for 2D touch.
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