Celebrity Ramen Instagram Hilariously Shows Stars Lurking

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Typically, the only time we hear anyone rejoicing over Ramen noodles is when they're thanking the college gawds for allowing them survive on cheap packaged food, or when they're reminiscing over Justin Timberlake's hairstyle from his *NSYNC days.

Luckily, Ramen has received a bit of a PR makeover if you will, thanks to the effin' hilarious Celebrities in Ramen Instagram account. Not only is it insanely amusing (the detailed captions will srsly slay you), but it cleverly reverses the Insta-lurking game as famous faces can be found floating where we don't quite expect them to be.

For example, take this snap of The Rock and his adorable pups just chillin' in a bowl of noodles. Now, obviously you're wondering why TF he and his animal friends are submerged in noodle juice, but that's where those wonderful captions come in to play.

"You want to know why Dwayne Johnson is such a nice, cheery guy?" the post reads. "Because he does 1000 squats holding a pair of puppies in warm, golden ramen before breakfast every day."
Honestly, we could see this account giving the paparazzi some major competition. Think about it — the paps will likely never have the opportunity to snap a pic of Cara Delevingne serving major face while strutting her ish down a noodle-laden runway.
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